Does your business have an efficient tool for tracking and managing the movements of your fleet? Whether its for maintaining quick and easy communication lines with your driver or re-routing your fleet to a more efficient course, a comprehensive fleet tracking system is a vital part of every business involved in the fleet transportation industry.

            CalAtlantics fleet tracking and asset monitoring system, Fleet Trax, addresses both of the above issues and more, making your day-to-day life on the job simpler and easier to manage for both, you and your drivers. So how does Fleet Trax work to make this happen?

 Optimizing asset tracking capabilities

                        An accurate fleet tracking system can save your business time and money, and with CalAtlantics Fleet Trax you can be in real-time contact with your driver and the location of your fleet, 24/7. With quick updates sent to your driver about additional stops and time-saving re-routes, you can reach the true potential of your business. When your customer makes a transportation request that needs to be addressed immediately, Fleet Trax allows you to meet the demand with readiness and strong time management. The ability to communicate with your driver and provide them with helpful and timely information is key in transportation, which is why Fleet Trax makes it possible for you to navigate the most time-sensitive demands with ease and efficiency.


Gain insight into your businesss performance with important data

                        Not only does Fleet Trax have the capability of providing you with instant GPS tracking location services, but it also provides you with a powerful data tool through the use of intuitive fleet tracking software. When it comes to the transportation business, decreasing profitability is an issue that is easily addressed with features of Fleet Trax; features which, for example, minimize the need for overtime and thus expensive rates, help you save on fueling costs, and even gain insight into performance with monthly data reports.

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